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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A moment in time.

WALT write "a moment in time" piece of writing.
Specific goals (Please highlight yours)
  • I can support my ideas with detail  (Ideas)
  • I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)
  • I can use language that is suitable to the topic, audience and purpose. (Structure &  Language)

                                                     My Moment in Time

                  At sun rise on a desolate beach a round object sits right in front of me.

I can see what looked like a boulder with BIG patches of smelly seaweed all around it.  Then the boulder slowly cracks open, slimy green ooze comes out smelling like chocolate. Next a monster leg appears out of a crack.

I can hear a cracking sound, the groaning of the monster trying to escape from the egg. There is also the sound of the wind blowing on my head and I can hear the crashing waves on the beach.

I can smell the salty air blowing on my head and the smelly seaweed sitting around egg.
The yummy smelling goo that smells like chocolate and the dead fish lying on the beach.

I can feel the wind blowing on my head and the slimy ooze under my feet. The slimy blue egg yolk all over me and water tacking the sand from under my feet and the other boulders crashing onto the beach.

I can taste the salty air I am breathing in and the egg yolk that tastes like chocolate and I think I have a fish in my mouth and the salty seaweed that was on the fish.

That was the end of my day beside the beach!

The End!
By Taylor

My reflection on this writing:
I have worked towards achieving my goals by:
I have used my senses to explain what I am thinking.

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